Key Features

We’ve installed many water softeners over the years, but it’s Kinetico water softeners that consistently prove to be the most reliable and efficient. The ingenious non-electric, twin-tank systems guarantee a continuous supply of softened water. Plus there are no timers to set, repair or replace!


Kinetico water softeners are cleverly powered by the kinetic energy of moving water.


A continuous and un-interrupted supply of soft water 24/7, guaranteed.


Tried and tested systems of superior quality, based on many years of experience and innovation.

We have the perfect water softener for you...

AquaBlu Water Softener

A mid-range, quality water softener.

Suitable for homes with:
1 – 3 bedrooms

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Our most popular, twin-tank, block salt water softener

Suitable for homes with:
Up to 3 – 4 bathrooms.
All plumbing systems.

Kinetico Premier Maxi Water Softener

Twin-tank, block or table salt water softener for larger properties.

Suitable for homes with:
3 + bathrooms
All plumbing systems & larger bore pipework

Essential 8 Water Softener

Single cylinder, non-electric, tablet salt softener.

Suitable for homes with:
1 -2 bathrooms
Combination boiler or hot water cylinder

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