There are many sprays and cleaning products available in local shops and supermarkets, however, none of these cleaning solutions tackle the source of the problem – hard water. Only with a twin-tank, ion exchange water softener can you get rid of limescale permanently. No more scrubbing, no more chemical just a lovely shiny home.
When hard water is heated, the Calcium and Magnesium minerals in the water separate out and form a crust on any surface they come into contact with. This crust we know as limescale. The only way to stop limescale from forming is to remove the calcium and magnesium minerals, in other words to make the water soft.
Kinetico systems have been installed in over 1 million homes around the world – including that of HM Queen Elizabeth II! Kinetico is also trusted by companies who demand the best including the NHS, Savoy Hotel and Rolls Royce to name but a few.