Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Introducing Premier Compact, Kinetico’s premium advanced non-electric water softener which uses twin-tank technology to deliver soft water 24 hours a day.

Designed for optimum performance and superior efficiency in a contemporary, sleek modern cabinet.


We’re a family-run, independent business with superb knowledge of our beautiful local area.


We’re sure you’ll love your new Kinetico water solution, but if for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied you will receive a full refund. (T&Cs apply).


Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener


The Premier Compact is powered by the kinetic energy of moving water.


Only with a twin-tank design can you guarantee a continuous and un-interrupted supply of soft water, 24/7.


The Premier Compact only regenerates when necessary.
When you go on holiday – so does your softener!


Your water softener will be installed where your stop cock is located. Normally this is under your kitchen sink where your water supply enters your home. In some instances, this may be located under your stairs or in another area of your home.

Although a competent plumber could install our water softeners, we would advise you choose the installation option. Fitting would normally take approximately 4 hours depending on the complexity of the installation and exactly where your stop cock is located.

Based on 4kg per person per month, if you purchase salt (based on block salt) from Kinetico, this will cost you approximately £11.60 per month for a family of 4. All Kinetico softeners are non-electric so you’ll be pleased to know the running of them won’t add to your electric bill either.

There is a slightly increased amount of sodium in softened water. But to put this into perspective there is more sodium in a glass of milk than in a glass of softened water. The only times we advise against drinking softened water is when making up formula for small babies or if you are on a prescribed low sodium diet. In this case you should consult your doctor, otherwise it’s down to personal choice.

This is not an instant process but over time soft water will remove the scale. A water softener should be an essential appliance for anyone moving into a new home to keep everything looking and running like new.

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