Why Buy Kinetico?

Why Buy Kinetico?

World No.1 in water treatment

Kinetico water experts put their very best thinking into engineering smarter products to bring the very best water solutions.

That’s why millions of people globally look to Kinetico for water treatment solutions and why it is the number one provider of water treatment solutions in the world.

Inventors of the non-electric, twin-tank water softener

Kinetico invented the innovative, non-electric, twin-tank water softener which it introduced to the market 45 years ago and it still remains the best technology today.

45 years heritage in the industry

Kinetico has been providing water treatment systems for more than 45 years and it remains an expert proving quality water solutions.

Kinetico systems treat water more efficiently, effectively and economically. The company has years of knowledge, experience and expertise which it brings to its product development ensuring consistent performance and unrivalled reliability. 

Kinetico is a well-known and trusted brand which is why so many people around the world rely on our products.

The best-selling Kinetico 2020c water softener uses the kinetic energy of water to power the unit; it’s economical to use, has low salt consumption, requires no wiring and is very easy to install. 

Its efficient, patented twin-tank design means you get softened water 24/7.


In single-tank designs, hard water can be let into the supply system flowing through your home while the cleaning or regeneration process takes place meaning you only get soft water ‘some of the time’.

Superior performance and warranty

The Kinetico 2020c is the only water softener to achieve independent accreditation to British Standard 14743 and it comes with a 10 year warranty to offer you complete peace of mind. They’re built to last! Kinetico products are fully compliant to NSF and ACF regulatory standards and WRAS in the UK.

Award-winning products

Kinetico products are award-winning and the accolades keep coming in for the 2020c water softener – in 2014 it scooped the number one prize in the ‘Best Kitchen & Household’ category at the House Beautiful Awards. It also continues to hold the Good Housekeeping accreditation as an ‘approved’ appliance.

Why our systems?

Your Appointment

We will visit your home at a time that suits you, check your plumbing and help you to experience soft water for yourself.
It will take no longer than 45 minutes.

Book a Service

A quality water softener can last for many years with very little input.
But, like a car, from time to time a service will ensure it’s all in working order.

Why Kinetico Systems

World leader in water treatment.
Industry pioneers with over 45 years heritage.
Superior performance and warranty.

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